Pizza Burger!

Just wanted to share the lovely dinner I made with you all! 

Super easy to make and so yummy and cheesy! πŸ•πŸ” 

Very filling too πŸ™‚ 


Chicken Teriyaki Pineapple Bowls

Y’all!!! Let me tell you how easy this is to make and how fancy it looks.


First off, just look at it and appreciate it!!!!!! Second, omg…it was actually really good. Teriyaki is one of the easiest things to make and tastes like probably how heaven looks. So the only lengthy thing about this was making boiled rice but that’s because rice takes a while to boil and that’s just what that is. But overall, this was really easy. I threw in some pineapple into the sauce as well just to give it a sweeter taste and that really brought the flavors together. We had so much extra pineapple so we decided to make pineapple sorbet smoothies with the sorbet ice cream my friend had in his freezer and ice. It was an adventure (literally, because we used his food processor and all the liquids were splashing everywhere- just a mess).

Anyways, I suggest you all should try this. For the sauce I used brown sugar, sesame seeds, soy sauce, honey and brown sugar. Threw them all in after the chicken breasts were fully cooked, let simmer a bit; added a little water and VOILA! We felt fancy. :p

Hope you’re all enjoying your Thursday evening as much as I am πŸ™‚ The weekend is so soon!


New Orleans

I have not posted recently because I am having the time of my life in New Orleans! 

Everyone here is so nice! The food is just out of this world and the culture is EVERYTHING!!! I’m so glad I came here πŸ™‚ Look!!!!!! 

This little wine thing was the cutest! Being able to walk around the streets with alcohol was nice but I felt super cute and fancy sipping on this as I made my way down Bourbon street. 

Like do I even need to say anything about this??? It was everything!!! So good. Super spicy though but just so friggin amazing. 

I just want to stay here longer 😦 I love New Orleans! 

Raspberry Oat Muffins

Hello everyone!

So I have been really not feeling the best lately and therefore not cooking so much but I decided to amp myself up a little. I decided to make oat muffins because they give you that boost you need and are really filling. You can’t go wrong with them. Then I found this amazing recipeΒ Β from Ramshackle glam and I was over the moon. Raspberries are just amazing in everything. Plus look how pretty these turned out!

oat 2This recipe is so easy to follow and make. She even included pictures along with each step which is always helpful.

The only thing I changed from her recipe to mine was the amount of applesauce I used, added olive oil and instead of light brown sugar, I used dark brown sugar. I had only one serving of applesauce which is just under 3/4 of a cup so I topped it up with some olive oil. That’s really the biggest difference and I feel like it probably didn’t alter the product too much. These muffins taste so healthy but yummy. You can feel the goodness just rushing through you. I’m glad I made these! Now I have my breakfast for tomorrow and a few oat

snacks here and there πŸ™‚



Look how soft and moist they look! Hmm πŸ™‚

This was a great idea.